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Do you know what your lawyer charges for a two hour initial consult? How about what they would expect you to put up as retainer if you needed them to handle a case so serious that you might loose your house...likely much more than any title policy.

The Value of  Owners Title Insurance
Title insurance covers the history of the property known as the chain of title. When a title company does their work, we look at the contract, loan information and history of the property.

A cloud on title or a defect in title can come in many forms from fraud to honest errors. Sometimes there is an unknown issue and we insure over it. This is where your protection comes from. Sometimes, we discover issues and can remedy the issue prior to settlement. Sometimes, we discover an issue that cannot not be corrected. You would be notified and have the opportunity to accept or decline moving forward.

Title insurance cost less than it would cost to hire an attorney to handle a land or title dispute. You pay one premium, one time, there is no renewal or annual cost. Your title insurance policy will cover your legal costs to defend your ownership should the need arise.